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More than just a lighting supplier


Every environment and workplace requires individual consideration of lighting requirements. Our lighting technicians create custom plans and light calculations. We will demonstrate various options for a customized and efficient lighting system. Always taking legal requirements and standard-compliant lighting into account.

Whether for an office or showroom, a workshop or an industrial application, UEBEX is the expert on application-specific lighting solutions and provides the optimal lighting portfolio for this.

We would also be pleased to advise you on the possibilities of intelligent lighting management and control systems.


A highly effective, long-lasting, and low-maintenance lighting system is a necessary requirement for achieving high profitability. These points can be confirmed with UEBEX lighting. We would be happy to determine for you how quickly a lighting upgrade would pay for itself and what your options are in this regard. Our extensive practical experience enables us to precisely identify and implement opportunities.

UEBEX supports you from inventory, to planning, to installation.

Provide us with an overview of your current situation and send us your key data, including lighting duration, type and number of existing lights, as well as any maintenance costs. We generate an exact amortization schedule based on your requirements.


Always on the safe side.

With a UEBEX LED light, you have chosen the highest level of quality. We guarantee this quality for 5 years. In addition, there is the option to extend the guarantee for certain lights up to 10 years.


We are not immune to technical or human errors despite the use of high-quality materials and components and uncompromising quality management.

In the event of a complaint, the top priority is always to enable the customer to process the matter as quickly and easily as possible. Please fill out our complaint form and send it to:


The proper approach to an efficient lighting system from the beginning

UEBEX provides support and assistance throughout the inventory, planning, and installation phases. Our sales staff will gladly offer advice on-site before initiating the concept development and quotation process.

For the assembly, only professional electrical companies from the UEBEX partner network are employed. Naturally, the customer may also request the participation of specialized companies. Thus, you obtain a carefree and complete lighting system.

Refurbishment & Extension

When renovating an existing lighting system, the goal is usually to make it as simple and quick as possible. This means that downtimes and unnecessarily high assembly costs can be avoided. It is important to recognize opportunities and to use appropriate lighting systems.

Our many years of practical experience with modern lighting systems enable us to consider all options and to find the optimal solution for the customer.

new building

When planning a new lighting system, the details are often the key to success. A tailor-made lighting concept is created in close cooperation with the architect, electrical planner and customer. Lighting and aesthetic requirements are recorded and implemented, taking into account all standards. Our many years of practical experience with modern lighting systems enable us to consider all options and to find the optimal solution for the customer.