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Lighting knowledge, SYMBOLS & TERMS

Total power

This describes the connection power (P) in watts (W), which the luminaire absorbs after thermal stabilisation including all its integrated components.

Colour temperature

The term colour temperature is used for the light colour of white light. It is expressed in Kelvin (K). Values up to 3250K are referred to as warm white, values up to 5250K as neutral white and values up to 8000K as daylight white.

Life span

Since LEDs usually do not fail, but lose their luminous flux over time, the life span is described by the percentage (B) of the luminaire which has not decreased beneath the percentage of the threshold value of the luminous flux (L) after a certain life span (h).

For example 50.000h L80 describes that after 50,000h operation, a luminous flux preservation (L80) of above 80% is to be expected.


The term optic refers to the relevant light direction, e.g. a certain emission angle, of a luminaire.


Luminaire control designates the preparation of a luminaire for the respective type of control.

ON-OFF – The luminaires are set to be switchable. Dimming is not possible in this version.

1-10V DIMMABLE – The luminaires can be dimmed by means of an analogue control signal from 1-10 Volt.

DALI dim – DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a cross-manufacturer interface standard. This enables digital control and dimming of luminaires.

Protection classes

Protection classes serve for categorisation and marking of luminaires with regard to existing safety measures to prevent an electrical shock.

Protection class I: Protection by protective conductor
Protection class II: Protection by double or reinforced insulation

Colour consistency

Colour consistency describes the maximum deviation of individual LED modules against the target light colour. The measuring unit of colour consistency is SDCM (Standard Deviation of Colour Matching). Careful selection of certain binning groups ensures the most uniform colour tone of the luminaires possible. SDCM3, i.e. 3 MacAdams ellipses are regarded to very high-quality in practice.

Ball safety

At sports facilities and gym halls, luminaires have to endure ball bangs. A ball-safe luminaire must endure repeated handball bangs of 60km/h.

Supply voltage

This is the voltage that must be connected to the luminaire for operation.

Colour Rendering Index CRI

The colour rendering index is a quality feature of light and designates the colour rendering of objects under different light sources. The maximum value is 100Ra and designates the colour rendering under daylight.

Ambient temperature

The ambient temperature defines the maximum temperature (°C) at which a luminaire may be operated.

Luminous flux

Meaningful is the specification of the luminaire luminous flux (not LED luminous flux) which describes the actual usable light of the luminaire. The luminous flux is given in lumens (Lm) and describes all the light emitted by a light source.

Protection types

Protection type (IP) is indicated by a two-digit code. It describes the protection against penetration of solids, dust and moisture and thus the suitability of luminaires for different environmental conditions.

Photo-biological safety

Describes the risk group with regard to photo-biological safety. UEBEX luminaires fulfil the safety requirements of the user under correct application.

Mechanical Impact strength

The IK degree of impact strength (1-10) is a measure for the resistance of housings of electrical equipment against mechanical stress, in particular impact stress.

IK-Code 08 = Beat 5 Joule (1,7kg from 29,5cm)
IK-Code 10 = Beat 20 Joule (5kg from 40cm)

1. Code number:
Protection against foreign bodies

IP 0x – no protection
IP 1x – protected against solid foreign objects with a diameter as from 50mm
IP 2x – protected against solid foreign objects with a diameter as from 12,5mm
IP 3x – protected against solid foreign objects with a diameter as from 2,5mm
IP 4x – protected against solid foreign objects with a diameter as from 1mm
IP 5x – protected against dust in a damaging amount
IP 6x – dust proof

2. Code number:
Water protection

IP x0 – no porotection
IP x1 – protection against dripping water
IP x2 – protection against falling dripping water, when the housing is inclined with up to 15°
IP x3 – protection against falling splashing water up to 60° against the vertical line
IP x4 – protection against all-round splashing water
IP x5 – protection against water from water jets (nozzle) from any angle
IP x6 – protection against strong water from water jet
IP x7 – protection against temporary submergence
IP x8 – protection against permanent submergence
IP x9 – protection against water during high pressure/steam jet cleaning



Describes the supply voltage required for the light output.

Protection class I

Protection by protective conductor.

Mechanical impact strenght

Is a measure for the resilience of housings against mechanical


Suitable for emergency lighting

Luminaire with integrated emergency lighting module.


The luminaires are switchable. Dimming is not possible in this version.

DALI (Digital Adressable Lighting Interface)

DALI is a cross-merchandiser interface standard. Allows digital control and dimming of luminaires.


Luminaires are dimmable steplessly via an analogue control signalof 1-10 Volt.

ENEC zertifiziert

Addition of the CE marking, which confirms a product test by an independent testing laboratory.

Sports facilities

Luminaire suitable for operation in sports facilities. Additional ball safety according to product data sheet.


Luminaires are certified according to EN 60598-2-24 with the D-mark. They meet the requirement profile for luminaires with limited surface temperature for fire-endangered workplaces.

Future proof – Spare parts security

UEBEX spare parts are available for many years.

Colour consistency – SDCM (Standard Deviation of Colour Matching)

Describes the maximum deviation from the target colour.

Protection class II

Protection by double or enhanced insulation.

Protection type

Indicates the suitability of luminairesfor different environmental


Glare – UGR (Unified Glare Rating)

The UGR value is a code number which provides an indication about the degree of psychological glare of the lighting system in the interior.


The luminaires are infinitely dimmable via phase cut.


Several power levels or light intensities can be called up.


Various lumen packages or power levels can be called up using DIP switches and changed again at any time.

5 year warranty

UEBEX manufacturer´s warranty of 5 years

CE certified

Guideline conformity mark which documents compliance with the directives of the European Union.


Luminaires for the food industry. Conform to the requirements of Regulation EC 852/2004 (HACCP) as well as the requirements of the International Featured Standard (IFS).