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DriveMe Autohaus Salzkammergut

Motor vehicles

A flexible and adaptable lighting concept is necessary for the sale of vehicles in order to be able to change the scenery and mood in the room and present the vehicles with their different colors and shapes in the best possible way.

High color rendering and targeted light control are particularly important here in order to display the vehicle colors and contours correctly and help customers make their decision.

In the workshop area, too, a wide variety of work areas place different demands on the lighting, such as fine work on workbenches, rough repair work directly on the vehicles or simple work in the spare parts store.

For these different application profiles, UEBEX offers optimally adapted lighting solutions that meet all legal and individual requirements.


Our powerful all-rounder in the area of high bay lighting. The use of highly efficient light-emitting diodes and a precise lens system achieves high luminous efficacy and efficiency.



Powerful and durable moisture-proof luminaire for maximum performance even under demanding environmental conditions.


Modular „all-in-one“ continuous-row lighting system with integrated current-conducting profile.
Future-proof system thanks to up to 12-pole wiring of the support profile.


Floodlight with a straight, modern design. Versatile solution for professional illumination of squares and outdoor areas of any kind.