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Since the beginning, the quality of light has been a top priority at UEBEX.

Our own claim is the development and production of technically high-quality LED lighting systems with the highest demands on reliability and efficiency.

Our luminaire range offers holistic and sustainable lighting solutions for professional indoor and outdoor applications.

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High-bay luminaires

Efficiency and durability are the attributes of modern high-bay luminaires. UEBEX high bay luminaires also offer perfect light distribution through special lens and light control systems. Enormously versatile in industrial and manufacturing halls, in the food industry, logistics, sports facilities and even fire hazard areas.

Continuous-line luminaires

Due to intelligent plug-in and connection mechanisms, UEBEX Continuous-line luminaires can be installed in the shortest possible time, and offer optimal illumination for almost any application. Whether suspended or ceiling mounted, the perfect solution can be found for all room heights in industry and commerce.

Luminaires with higher degree of protection

UEBEX Luminaires with higher degree of protection are designed and manufactured for use in damp and dirty rooms and outdoor areas. They are very universal and have a high degree of protection against dust and water. Due to the robust and impact-resistant design, they are often used in workshops and garages, as well as in the food industry and in areas subject to fire hazards.

Work lights

Light wherever it is needed. The HERCULES2 series offers individual high-quality LED work lights for a versatile range of applications in industry, construction, crafts, workshops and leisure. Robust impact resistant 2-component polycarbonate housing. Powerful and highly efficient LED SMD unit with glare-reduced opal diffuser for large-area homogeneous light distribution.


UEBEX downlights provide uniform basic lighting in a wide variety of areas. Recessed in the ceiling, they offer not only the advantage of tool-free mounting, but also a pleasant and glare-free appearance.

Recessed luminaires

UEBEX recessed luminaires are used in commercial, public and administrative areas. They provide work-appropriate and particularly homogeneous illumination and integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of ceiling systems.

Surface and suspended luminaires

Numerous shapes and designs from practical to architecturally elegant - UEBEX surface mounted and suspended luminaires offer structured illumination, low glare and shapely ambience. No matter whether ceiling-mounted or free-floating in the room, they create the right light at all levels.

Wall and ceiling luminaires

Timeless and modern design, which integrates into any architecture, distinguishes UEBEX wall and ceiling luminaires. Due to the homogeneously pleasant light distribution, corridors, rooms, living areas, showrooms and much more shine evenly - and this with easy installation.

Free standing luminaires

Light when and where it is needed. Thanks to the mobility of our free-standing luminaires, they are versatile and flexible in use - whether for standard-compliant illumination of the workplace or also with an indirect component as simple accent and ambient lighting.

Track lights

Linear or punctual luminaires which are suitable for accent lighting as well as for general lighting. changeable optics support individual adaptability. A high color rendering index of CRI90 provides brilliant illumination in showrooms and retail spaces.


Characterized by high and pleasant quality of light. Due to the long service life, regular bulb replacement is a thing of the past.



High power combined with high quality components and ready for use in all environments - these are the characteristics of UEBEX floodlights. They are suitable for full outdoor use and are mostly used for illumination of large facilities, sports arenas and parking lots. The luminaires also offer high resistance to harsh environmental conditions and are technically modifiable for special applications.

Technical pole-top luminaires

Using the latest LED technology and innovative light control, UEBEX pole-top luminaires illuminate the street area in a targeted, efficient and reliable way. Their field of application ranges from public areas such as streets, parking lots or sidewalks to the illumination of company premises, yards and parks. Their robust design defies the most adverse weather conditions and ensures a long service life.

Decorative pole-top luminaires

Using the latest LED technology and innovative light control, UEBEX mast luminaires illuminate the road area in a targeted, efficient and reliable manner. Decorative pole-top luminaires also integrate beautifully into your area of application and create a pleasant atmosphere. Despite the elegant, partly filigree design, they withstand the most adverse weather conditions and guarantee a long service life.

Architectural spotlights

Architectural spotlights by UEBEX create atmosphere and provide visually appealing presentation of objects, buildings and green spaces. Timeless and modern, they integrate inconspicuously into their surroundings. Easy mounting, adjustable inclination angles and a robust and durable design underline their use in outdoor areas.

Bollard luminaires

UEBEX bollard luminaires offer a sleek elegant design and are perfect for prestigious outdoor areas. They are used in parks, promenades or along walkways. Simple, quick and versatile, they create visually appealing illumination of surrounding areas. The luminaires are also particularly weather-resistant and durable.

In-ground spotlights

High-quality recessed floor spotlight made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic and stainless steel cover ring. Due to the robust safety glass, the luminaire can be driven over (with air-filled tyres) up to a weight of max. 1400kg. Designed for recessed use in patios and gardens. Ideal for architectural staging of objects, trees and shrubs. The light source is easily replaceable thanks to the standardised GU10 base and can be adjusted in inclination.